Our psychologists and mental health clinicians utilise our Holistic, Integrative, Whole - Person Mind-Body Model as the foundation of any psychological treatment they develop. We think it's imperative that you learn about yourself in depth so that you can learn to feel competent about the most important person in your life. "Who's that?",you might be saying. It's YOU, of course!

Our psychologists and mental health social workers work with you at the very start of therapy by helping you to work out how you want to transform. After all, there's no point to wanting "to be happy" or "be normal (whatever that is)" unless you have insight into what that actually means for you. Your psychologist or mental health social worker will help you figure out what will make you happier and how to improve your daily functioning. Then, the journey towards your transformation really begins! 


Our view is that the most enriched environment is one that enables therapist and client to work together to build a whole - person - focused team that is comprised of your significant others, other health professionals and third party agencies such as work rehabilitation providers, in order to achieve the best and desired outcomes from therapy for you.

To address the whole-person in therapy, in the first two or three sessions, we assess your individual needs across your emotional, social, biological and psychological factors taking into account your genetic factors, family history, personality, past learning and beliefs, attachment style, values and strengths.

 We also identify whole-person needs across the domains of physical wellbeing, cultural and spiritual wellbeing, parenting or caring relationships, medical issues, work and occupation, personal care, accommodation, educational, dietary and financial factors.

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Then, we work together with you to understand how your needs are unmet, and create individually tailored holistic treatment plans that incorporate agreed goals for therapy and regular reviews to ensure that therapy remains relevant and effective. 

As part of our evidence-based approach, we draw from latest neuroscience and best practice models of cognitive, behavioural, and interpersonal therapies and combine them with somatic therapies, trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness to help strike a balance in taking care of your mind and body. No treatment plan is alike as we strive to match the unique needs of each individual within an integrative therapy approach that combines interventions trans-diagnostically in combinations that match the uniqueness of the individual and their situation.