Our psychologists utilise our Holistic, Integrative, Whole - Person Mind-Body Model as the foundation of any psychological treatment they develop. We think it's imperative that you learn about yourself in depth so that you can learn to feel competent about the most important person in your life. "Who's that?",you might be saying. It's YOU, of course!

Our psychologists work with you at the very start of therapy by helping you to work out how you want to transform. After all, there's no point to wanting "to be happy" or "be normal (whatever that is)" unless you have insight into what that actually means for you. Your psychologist will help you figure out what will make you happier and how you want change in your life. Then, the journey towards your transformation really begins! 


We believe that the quickest way to achieve change is by working within a multidisciplinary team. When you work with our psychologists, with your informed consent and complete agreement, they may team up with your significant other/s, other health professionals and third party agencies.

The first session with your psychologist is all about offering non-judgmental support while your mental health issues are assessed. You will likely leave feeling tired because you will have answered some questions and shared personal information about yourself but you will also have your first strategy for change to work with.

You will be asked questions about the emotional, social, biological and psychological factors that may have affected you in addition to your family history, personality, past learning, spiritual beliefs and diet and exercise.

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In your second session, your psychologist will discuss your psychological test results and explain your unique treatment plan. Your treatment plan will draw from the best possible evidence based therapies. Your psychologist will use their education and experience to tell you the number of sessions you may need to fully recover. Then, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to commit to the recommended psychological treatment.

It’s a bit like filling a doctor’s prescription. Some people take the whole dose until it is finished and fully recover while others stop as soon as they start to feel better. As much as we wish the case was different, your psychologist cannot wave a magic wand to make you fully recover instantly. If only this was the case! But it can happen with a bit of hard work from your psychologist and your commitment to the therapy process over the next 3 - 24 sessions, depending on the complexity of your mental health issues.