What happens?

When you first contact Live Better Psychology, my friendly team of receptionists from Halo Practice Management will take you through the intake process and invite you to book your first appointment and if you wish, a free 15minute phone consultation with me to make sure you feel comfortable with me. You will also be asked to book three more appointments in my diary to ensure that there are no delays in receiving your psychological treatment after the initial psychological assessment.

We encourage you to use the online appointments option to check your appointments to ensure that you have four confirmed appointments in the diary at all times in order to avoid missing out.

While our practice software automatically sends SMS reminders to you two business days before your appointment, it is your responsibility to make sure that you have enough appointments booked in the diary to guarantee you continuity of care. 

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you will be asked to pay for your first appointment at the time you make the booking. This will hold your appointment. If you decide not to proceed, then we refund the sum in full in accordance with the cancellation policy.

After you have made and paid for your first appointment, you will receive a Welcome email from me. Please read this email carefully because it contains important information about Medicare rebates that you may be entitled to, documentation we require to help us claim your rebates for you, and links to online consent forms and psychological questionnaires that you need to complete before your first session.

At your first session, I read the referral from your doctor if there is one, and we explore why you have come to therapy now and what you are hoping to change about yourself and your life. We also discuss your unique history and perspective to help me to understand the possible biological, psychological, emotional, social and interpersonal factors that may have predisposed you to your current difficulties, and the triggers and factors that may be maintaining your presenting problems. What I will be looking for is the overall patterns, recurrent feelings and chronic issues that could be keeping you ‘stuck in suffering’. I also look for your individual strengths and explore how competent you would ideally like to be in different situations.

The process of therapy requires you be open to exploring your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is natural that you may feel awkward, embarrassed, uncomfortable or even anxious at the start but hopefully you will learn quickly that I am pretty down to earth and easy to talk to and I do my best to make you feel understood and safe in the therapeutic relationship as quickly as possible.  Changing what we identify are your maintaining factors is the path to creating your happiness, wellbeing and vitality, and I will help you to do this, at your own pace, one step at a time.

As a scientist-practitioner, I will give you an idea of the number of sessions I believe you will need to achieve your therapy goals. My recommendation will be based on the research, my clinical experience, and the national and international clinical guidelines. While evidence based practice always informs the psychological therapy that we do, it is very important that you realise I do not have a magic pill that you can swallow that will fix your problems instantly. I wish that I did as that way I could help more people! Your progress will take commitment from both of us and depend on you showing up to your sessions, practicing any strategies or techniques that I teach you and completing any reflective follow up work that we agree upon. I never judge you if you do not complete the work we decided you would do between your sessions, but I will help you to figure out why and overcome that barrier to your progress.